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updated on 09/26/2023

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Weekly Activities

Check the bulletin board for dances, breakfasts, dinners, etc... Also, please contact the activity leader (listed after this section) before the day and time you wish to participate in an activity to find out details, i.e. The Spades Activity needs to have groups of 4 to play and works with a sign-up plan.

  9:00 AM - Water Fitness
10:00 AM - Water Aerobics
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM – Bocce (by Group Schedule)
  6:30 PM - Euchre, US rules (clubhouse)
  7:00 PM – Euchre, Canadian Rules (Clubhouse)
10:00 AM – Golf League Meeting
  9:30 AM – Inside Exercise Class
  6:00 PM – Bingo

   9:00 AM - Water Fitness
 10:00 AM - Water Aerobics
 10:00 AM - Fun Shuffleboard
 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM – Social Club Event Ticket Sales (Library)
   1:00 PM – Spades (Clubhouse)
   7:00 PM – Darts (Library)

  9:30 AM – Inside Exercise Class
10:00 AM – Shuffleboard League
  1:00 PM – Shuffleboard League
  7:00 PM – Line Dancing (Clubhouse)

  9:00 AM – Water Fitness
10:00 AM – Water Aerobics
10:00 AM – Shuffleboard League
11:30 AM – Bridge (Library)
  1:00 PM – Shuffleboard League
  6:30 PM – Game Nite




Board of Directors & Leaseholder's Assoc.

View the CCHOA Board of Directors

View the CCHOA Leaseholder's Association



Social Club Board of Directors

President – Sue Desnoyers
Vice President – Maggie Huet
Treasurer – Don Collins
Secretary – Diane Cudnik
Director – Barb Meyers
Director – Shirley Pardy
Director – Debbie LaBrake
Director – Donna LaVine
Director – Linda Marcoux
Director – Sheila Penn



The Chronicle Newsletter

Editor - Donna Collins
Birthday/Anniversary - Marilyn Jones
Sunshine, Cards - Doreen Fournier

Newsletter Distribution - Jim Cudnik & Keith Mosier

Block Captains:
  Paula Skinner
  Dottie Shoemaker
  Cindy Ventura
  Mary Sherwood
  Carol Query
  Mary Yale
  Vylie Gladney
  Paul Fournier
  Mimi Reich
  Donna & Karl Miller
  Linda Marcoux
  Jane Boucher
  Lloyd Eaton
  Karen Pedrey
  Bill & Janet Swengros
  Gary & Lilly Henson


*Committee Chairpersons

Architectural/Grounds - David Floyd
Bingo - Lucy Husser & Neil Pickrem
Communication - Debbie Creighton
Cross Bayou Canal - Sandy Draper
Grievance - Peter Richard
Library - Ann Vetter and Deb Wadkins
Neighborhood Watch - None
Safety - Steve Barnstorf
Volunteers - Jane Boucher



Activities & Coordinators

Birthdays/Anniversaries - Marilyn Jones
Bocce - Debbie Creighton
Book Talk - Ann Vetter
Bridge - Pete Quirion
Darts - Lucy Husser
Euchre, Canadian - Rita & Andy Kyle
Euchre, USA - Cheryl Murphy
Fun Shuffleboard - Heather Hayward
Golf, Tuesday, mixed league - Mavis Askin & Dave McMannus
Golf, Thursday, ladies - Gaye Karges
Golf, Thursday, men - Sheila Penn
League Shuffleboard - Patti Ranslow; Sandy Cooper; Barb Meyers
Photographer - Mark Vetter
Spades - Nancy Wallace
Sunshine, Cards (Get Well, Sympathy) - Doreen Fournier
Water Aerobics - Marilyn Jones
Welcome Wagon - Maggie Huet



*Committee Chairs are appointed and members are approved at the discretion of the Board of Directors. At no time should a committee member speak for the Board, nor should they represent themselves as having authority to take any action, unless so stated in the guidelines of the committee’s responsibilities. Committees must follow Statute guidelines for meetings and minutes.