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For information or details, please contact our main office:  Office Hours: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Office:  727-544-8111 / Fax:  727-541-1438 
 Night Patrol:  727-423-7006 (7pm-3am) / Police, Non Emergency 541-0758
Park Manager - Nancy Haynes LCAM, Administrative Assistant Vanessah Lualhati
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ACTION REQUEST FORM - click here for the form

1.  Please fill out this PDF Action Request Form (either by computer or handwritten)
2.  Sign it (only signed document will be accepted)
3.  Print the form
4.  Mail or Drop off the form to the park office.   Thank you!


Board of Directors 2017-18

    President: Carol Blair
Vice President: Reg Owen
Secretary:  Donna Thorn
Treasurer:  Thurman Ferryman
Director - Kage Graham
Director - Peter Mininch
Director - April Oppenheimer
Director - Donald Reich
Director - Linda Whalen

Committees 2017-18

    Click here for the Committee roles, chairs, members in printable PDF format

Elections Committee:
     Co-Chair: Betty Barnes
     Members: Pat Skinner

Fine Review Committee:
     Chair: Steve Barnstorf
     Members: Marelen Evans, Barbara Otto; Alternates: Clarence Bogard

Grounds Committee:
     Chair & Board Liaison: Don Reich
     Members: Clarence Bogard, Steve Barnstorf, Bill Schmidt, Karl Miller
Beautification Sub-Committee: 
     Board Liaison: Donna Thorn, Chair: Donna Miller & Member: Mary Irene Reich

Architectural Review / Home Advisory Subcommittee
      Board Liaison: Kage Graham, Chair: Carroll Funk & Members: Gary Ryan, Clarence Bogard

Real Estate, Sales & Marketing Committee:
     Board Liaison: April Oppenheimer
     Chair: Betty Barnes
     Member: Carol Blair

Rules & Regulations Committee:
     Chair: Reg Owens, Board Liaison
     Members: April Oppenheimer, Peter Mininch

Safety Committee:
     Board Liaison: Peter Mininch
     Chair: Gary Ryan
     Members: Steve Barnstorf, Donna Miller

Neighborhood Watch Committee:
     Board Liaison: Peter Mininch
     Chair: Gary Ryan
     Members: Clarence Bogard, Steve Barnstorf

Helping Hands:
     Chair: Mary Yale
     Members: Sherri Bourque, Mary Sherwood, Bruce Rolander

One Source:
      Chair: Linda Whalen

Document Reviews:
     Board Liaison & Chair : April Oppenheimer
     Members: Mary Irene Reich

  Committee Chairs are appointed and Members are approved at the discretion of the Board of Directors. At no time should a committee member speak for the Board, nor should they represent themselves as having authority to take any action, unless so stated in the guidelines of the committee’s responsibilities. Committees must follow Statute guidelines for meetings and minutes.  

Leaseholders' Association, Board of Directors

    President: Gary Henson
Vice President: Robert Roy
Treasurer: Leisa Navey

Clearwater Cascade
9790 66th Street North, Pinellas Park, FL  33782
Phone: (727) 544-8111  |  Fax: (727) 541-1438
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