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Problems & error messages in displaying PDF files:  In our efforts to reduce download time, the PDF bulletin has been optimized for Adobe Acrobat Reader v.6 or later.  If you have problems opening the bulletin (like a file corruption warning), you will need to download the latest free Acrobat Reader version here

Webmaster Suggestion:  Make sure you clear the optional downloads of Adobe Yahoo! Toolbar & Adobe Photoshop® Album Starter Edition - these are checked by default and add 8 megs to the download.  Adobe Reader 7 is 20.7 megs in size which will take about 47 minutes using modem/dial-up internet.  Make sure your antivirus is disabled before installing Adobe Reader.  Uninstall older version of Adobe Acrobat before installing new version - otherwise both versions will be on the hard drive taking up space.  If you don't uninstall the old version and then decide to, the new version will have to be reinstalled.  Also, if the file doesn't appear (blank window), open Adobe Reader, select 'EDIT' from the toolbar, then 'PREFERENCES', followed by 'INTERNET', select 'display PDF in browser'.  If you still have problems opening the PDF file, right click on the link for the PDF file and select 'save as'.  Save to a location (like desktop) that you can open the file.


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